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When I first read this, I was really skeptical. I even thought this was a scam.

Then I decided to become a member just to see if this was right or wrong.

After having spent a week or so testing the waters, I can definively tell you that this site rocks !! It is absoletutely UNIQUE on the internet.

Everything they say is true : the site contains tons of FREE high quality content. I'm pretty sure you can spend your life there :-)

Here is a screenshot of the site members section. You see there all free sites with tons of content you can download. This is huge.

Becoming a member, is very easy :

  1. Click on this link
  2. At the top of the page, enter a VALID email address and click on the JOIN button
  3. Follow the instructions in the email that you will receive from them (make sure to check that this email is not blocked or filtered by your email client)
  4. Use the Username, Password, and login page you have just received and have fun !

Note also that so far I've not been bombarded with ads on the email address I used to become a member. That's another good sign showing that this website is run by a bunch of good people. Furthermore you can cancel your subscription any time.

If you decide to become a member, I would really like to get some feedback from you.

You can send feedback to

I have already told a few friends about it and they all thanked me and said it was incredible !


Kind Regards,

The Webmaster

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